Månedsarkiv: maj 2015

Why is it so difficult to begin a røykeslutt!

It’s no surprice that a healthy lifestyle is highly cherished in almost every country in the world….. Everybody is obsessed with discussing it, & no matter where you go you are confronted with hundreds of thousands of advices on how to obtain a healthy way of life. & off course this needs to involve røykeslutt. I have been smoking since I was a teenager, but now everyone I know is yelling: you must very soon consider røykeslutt!I am not 100 procent sure if I am willing to quit my bad habit. The one and only thing that could persuade me to try røykeslutt is the fact that there is a new highly innovative product on the streets…. The absolutely fantastic e-sigaretter seem like a good idea… E-sigaretter are a much more healthier lifestyle choice than the normal cigarettes due to the fact they are stuffed with the seemingly harmless e væske! Furthermore e væske is not addictive to the individual in the same manner nicotine is. This is without comparison the biggest asset e-sigaretter have.

For weeks I have been considering to seriously commit to røykeslutt but something, I don’t know what has managed to stopped the project. I have never seriously been completely engaged in røykeslutt – even though I know for a fact that there exist one hundred reasons to give up on smoking… Reasons I admit are so convincing. I wish to grow old & see my kids grow into adulthood – and if I seriously mean this from the bottom of my heart I really need to commit to røykeslutt!! With the e-sigaretter now being sold to a reasonable prize I find myself thinking about røykeslutt more than ever previously! Honestly now that I one more time consider it, I mean extremely seriously consider it & my children, I do think I am willing to give up on my bad habit. Wow, I am ready to fight and kick my bad habit!! I will go out the door right NOW & go buy my first ever pack of e-sigaretter and stuff the cigarettes with e væske. Just take a look at me – all responsible and stuff!! My parents is going to be really happy!!!